Things to do and see in the area of Waynesville and Vicinity

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There is the Quaker archives at Wilmington college as well as the Quaker Heritage Center.  The senic byway also goes through Wilmington as well as Waynesville. in Waynesville there is the Miami Monthly Meeting House as well as a museum with some records available. The Mary L Cook Library also has several records of the early settlements at Waynesville.  Pioneer Village which is several log cabins reconstructed to show the early life of the first Quakers to arrive in the Waynesville area. 
There are several Graveyards as well as  early Meeting Houses  with in 30 minutes of the Waynesville, Wilmington area. Earlham College is an Hour away in Richmond, Ind.
Fort Anceint Indian site. 

In Waynesville:

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