Saturday, June 9, 2018

Marmaduke Coate

Annette Stewart sent a post to our Bush River Mail list today.  I thought it suitable to add the link that she sent to this blog site.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

West Branch Meeting House

Annette sent a couple of photos of a book or pamphlet that she had looked at at the library  today on the facebook page for the Bush River group.  I was looking to see if I could find the pamphlet on-line.  So far I found the following:

Friday, April 29, 2016

Hicksite and Orthodox

I am attending the Ohio Genealogical Society conference this week.  The classes have been excellent and I have had a really good time.  Tonight Milton Cook and I met for dinner just down the road from the Great Wolf Lodge where the conference is being held.  Milton and I chatted about the possibility of having a small Miami Monthly Meeting homecoming again this year.  Annette and I had been talking about the possibility and Sharon had agreed that she would be willing to help as well.  So look for an announcement of possible reunion in the month of September this year on this blog site.

Tonight I picked Milton's brain trying to get my head straight on orthodox and Hicksite factions and how they affected the Miami Monthly Meeting.  I am going to write down what I took away from our discussion and then get Milton to proofread to see if I have carried away correct information.

The first building that the Quakers built for worship and monthly meeting was a log cabin that sat in the spot that the brick building sits now.  By 1811 the Quaker families had built the white brick building that is being used today.  When the split between the Orthodox and Hicksite Quaker groups occurred, the Orthodox moved into the older log cabin while the Hicksite group remained in the white brick building.

The Orthodox group wanted to have a programmed religious experience.  The Hicksite Quakers wanted an unprogrammed worship service that was the traditional experience.

The orthodox Quaker group dismantled the log cabin and built a brick building that is NOT white on the site of the older log cabin.  Eventually the orthodox Monthly Meeting was laid down.  The brick building in which they had been meeting was owned by the Wilmington Monthly Meeting.  They were having trouble maintaining the building.  The Wilmington Monthly Meeting sold the building to the Hicksite group for a small amount.  It remains in the hands of the Miami Monthly Meeting.  It is the building that we used for many of our events at our last reunion.

Milton told a great story.  The man who was the treasurer for the Indiana Yearly Meeting that was Hicksite and the man who was the treasurer for the Indiana Yearly Meeting that was Orthodox were neighbors.  The mail service kept getting the bills confused and into the wrong mail box.   This led to the Indiana Yearly Meeting changing their name to the Ohio Valley Meeting.  There are Monthly Meetings in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio that report to the Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting.  This was a surprise to me as I did not expect there to be Quakers in Kentucky since my understanding would be that no Quaker would have moved to Kentucky which was a slave state.  Milton explained that the Kentucky Monthly Meetings were relatively young.  They did not have their beginnings in the early 1800s as our Miami Monthly Meeting did.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review of site as we move into the holidays of 2013

I wanted to move the scans that Bonnie sent me down a bit so that my sideline information did not bleed over into the scans....the scans are VERY special.  So this post will be edited later when I want to add additional information of some sort.

I would like to continue to add and edit this blog in 2014.  I feel very close to the researchers and to the families that our group researches after spending the week in September in Warren County.  I would like to plan a get together again in 2014 or in 2015 at which time we could spend more time with our respective ancestors.....trying to get their stories.....trying to understand their lives in the time frame of what was going on in each of their lives.  And hopefully even more of the Bush River Mail list would be able to be a part of future homecomings.

I do not feel strongly about where nor when....just that I don't want to loose touch with each of you. 
My goal "one of these days" is to get to the Philadelphia area ....Put Philadelphia into the search box in the top left hand corner of my main blog:

to see some of the areas that I would like to visit to do research.  I have many Quaker lines who moved through these areas.  A homecoming in that area would be lots of fun!  But nothing could beat the special homecomings that we have already participated in at Newberry and at Miami MM.

Let me know what you would like for me to add to this blog.  All of us will be busy this next month.  The holidays cut into our research time....but January and February will bring us time to update, edit, add, illustrate, and chat about our research.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Russell, Pearson, Jenkins

Bonnie Bell  and John Woolfinger  scanned documents this week to share with our group.  They are absolutely amazing!  I believe that they speak for themselves, so I will just add them here.  However, I am happy to add information from anyone in this spot if you would like to add facts about  any of these families (including the witnesses).  It would be fun to think about how everyone was friends, family, and associates.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Additions to the information in Tom Hamm's talk from the homecoming group

As researchers read Tom's talk (for which you can find a link in the top line on the right hand side of the top of the blog) there were several who had suggestions for further information that is available.  Here are some of the additions that others sent me:

From Martha:

FYI, from Tom's article, here's a link to the Annals of Newberry he mentions, if you dont have it already.
"A wonderfully engaging sketch of Bush River Friends can be found in chapter 5 of John Belton O'Neall and John A Chapman’s book, The Annals of Newberry (Newberry, SC, 1892).  O'Neall's section was writen in the 1850s. "
This book is freely downloadable in its entirety as a PDF file :

Monday, October 7, 2013


 Townsend cousins, Mary Kay Ross and Sue Downey.  I think that Milton Cook also is a Townsend descendent through Elizabeth Townsend Cook.

Kim Townsend Spangrude who was unable to attend the Homecoming sent the following information:

I recently was able to correct some DAR records on John and Elvira (Cain) Townsend and the brief military role he and his brothers had in the Revolutionary War.  They were the sons of John and Elizabeth (Pearson) Townsend, and because they "took up arms in a war-like manner", they were di-united with the Bush River MM.  They later became reunited/reinstated when the war was over.  

John and Elvira Townsend and family eventually made their way through Ohio and down to Wayne, Indiana, with the other Bush River members, where they stayed.  Born in 1763, John died in 1853, and is buried in Fountain City, Indiana, in the Willow Grove Cemetery. His wife Elvira died at the age of 102 in 1870, and is buried in Friends Cemetery, West Elkton, Preble County Ohio.

Some major errors in the very first applications for John Townsend as a patriot,were made by DAR members in the early 20th Century.   The biggest error found by contemporary researchers of the DAR and SAR, was that the earliest applications for John Townsend as patriot stated that he and his family were in Burke County, North Carolina.  (This John Townsend who lived there is actually a very distant cousin to our John Townsend).  Because there was inadequate documentation that they served under Nathanial Greene and later received land for their military service, my initial application to the DAR was denied; all the earlier applications and members who had applied through this John Townsend with the very same information would be able to remain as members, although the information given was found to be inaccurate.  And all future applications based on this information would also be denied membership.   I had to prove that he actually was in South Carolina at Padgets Creek MM (which reported to the Bush River Friends Meeting) having come from Pennsylvania (including the Pearsons, Cains, Chandlers, Cooks, Wrights, Jones and of course many other family names), and that he and his brothers fought in the Revolutionary War when Charlston was under seige.  They served under Col. Thomas Brandon, a militia leader in Union County, South Carolina, a neighbor of the Townsends – John Jr., William and James.

Mary Kay recently contacted me with the following question.  Please get in touch if you have any answers for Mary Kay:

I am currently addressing an old question, but trying new avenues for the answer. My ancestor, William Townsend, 1759-1824 is my mover. He was born in PA and died in Greenville, Ohio. He lived in the Bush River area and he along with his brother were disowned by the faith for "going out in a warlike manner"in 1781. It is documented in Hinshaw.

 Records show he had children in SC before leaving for Ohio in the early 1800's. I simply cannot find the maiden name of  Margaret, his wife. He must have been
married in SC probably some time before his war service..(1778 - 1780) (first child was born  about 1780).
I have researched Margaret (William's wife),  even have her "will". No mention of a maiden name. In an effort to follow up on our Ohio trip, I called Guilford College and spoke to someone in the research library. She simply gave me the information from Hinshaw, nothing more. Any clue where I go from here??

Obviously they met and married in SC. The couple moved to Waynesville and then on to Greenville, Ohio. After William's death, she moved to Allen County, Indiana. She died there in 1845

If you have any further comments or suggestions re: Margaret Townsend, I would be forever grateful. For instance, are there records of Quaker marriages in the Bush River groups? I think they were married before his service. Are there records of members of the Quaker Meetings? I wonder if she sought a widow's pension which might have her maiden name.