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Misc Thomas and Cox information from Kathie Johnston

Kathie sent the following in an answer to this Question?

Re: How long did Cox and Thomas folks stay at Miami MM and would they have worshipped in log cabins or White Brick meeting houses.

William and Elizabeth Thomas Cox's certificate from Bush River was definitely for Miami MM. (3/29/1806 Wm Cox and fam gct Miami MM, OH).

Per Bush River MM minutes. A Jesse Thomas and fam., gct Miami MM in 1805. Not sure who he is.  Isaac and Mary Thomas's children: John and fam. 1806, Edward and w. Mary 1807, have certificates from Bush River to Miami MM. A Sarah Thomas (not sure if she is connected) gct Mill Creek MM, Ohio in 1819.

Per Miami MM records: William Cox and w. Elizabeth and ch. Jemima, John, Elizabeth and Sarah rocf 4/9/1807 from Bush River MM.  John Thomas and family received on cert. from Bush River 4/9/1807; Mary Thomas and ch. Evan, Nehemiah, Sarah and Phebe Thomas rocf Bush River 5/4/1807; Edward and w. Mary Thomas and children rocf Bush River 7/9/1807. Jacob and Mary Thomas Wisener rocf Bush River 5/4/1807- with three children.  Jacob and Mary Wisener gct to West Branch MM 4/8/1809. Several other Thomases mentioned between 1805 and 1810 in Miami MM - not sure of connections.  Between 1813 and 1816 several Thomas individuals and families gct West Branch MM. In 1830, Edward and w. Mary Thomas (possibly "ours") gct to Arba MM in Randolph Co, IN. We are pretty sure that "our" Edward and Mary Wright Thomas are the ones buried at Arba, so this makes sense.

West Branch MM (set off from Miami MM early in 1807 but they had been meeting for about two years. Located in Miami County near West Milton, OH) records include lots of Coxes and Thomases. Can't sort all of them out, but in Birth and Death section lists some of Isaac and Mary Thomas's children: John and wife Anna Pemberton and children; Abel (probably "ours") and wife  Ruth and children; Evan s. Isaac and Mary and his wife Sara Cox dt of David and Jane and children; Phebe (Isaac and Mary Thomas's youngest) m. David Cox in 1809; Isaiah (son of John and Ann- probably Isaac and Mary's 3rd son) and his wife Elizabeth Cox dt of David and Ann and their children. Isaiah died in 1862, and record says he is buried at South Fork. Also, Sarah Thomas, Isaac and Mary Thomas's second youngest, married Thomas Thornton in 1813 and on and on for several pages.

West Branch shows that on 11/19/1808 Mary (Davies) Thomas and children Evan, Nehemiah, Sarah and Phebe rocf Bush River MM dated 1/31/1807, endorsed by Miami MM 8/11/1808. SO they pretty much were endorsed by Miami and began attending West Branch immediately. Same with Jacob and Mary Thomas Wisener. Jacob and son Isaac Wisener on 5/20/1809 were rocf Miami MM dated 4/8/1809. Per the records, it appears that some of the other children stayed in the Miami Meeting til 1813, 1817, etc. before transferring into West Branch.

Union MM (set off from West Branch in early 1813, located in Miami County, OH) in Ohio shows on 9/8/1819, that Nehemiah Thomas of Montgomery Co, s of Isaac and Mary,married Elizabeth Pemberton, daut of Isaiah and Esther of Miami County. Several other Thomas - Pemberton marriages over the next 36 years show up in Union MM records!

Sometimes it is very easy to tell if someone is a son/daut of Isaac and Mary Davies Thomas family, or the William and Elizabeth Thomas Cox family, but there are a fair number of Cox and Thomas individuals with similar names that I can't sort out- but it's fun to speculate!

OK- my head is spinning now... off to choir and a different challenge to my brain!

Kathie Johnston

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