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McKinsey family in Newberry, SC to Warren County, Ohio

The family from which I descend who lived in Newberry, SC during the Revolution and moved to Warren County, Ohio in the first decade of the 1800's with the mass exodus of the Quaker families out of the south and into the non-slave states of Ohio and Indiana is the McKinsey family.  George McKinsey was no longer a Quaker if he had ever been from a Quaker family by the time that the family moved to Ohio.  My buddies and I who are doing research on this family together suspect that George's parents may have lived near Hopewell MM in Northern Virginia before the move to Newberry County, SC in mid 1700.  Whether they had actually been Quaker there remains to be seen.  George's wife was Sarah Moore.  Sarah definitely came from a Quaker family.  The Moores had been assocated with Merion Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania.  At the time that this Moore family moved to Orange County, NC c. 1755, they took with them certificates from Exeter MM to their new home near Cane Creek MM in NC.

Sarah died before the move to Ohio.  George moved all of his family to Ohio.  Several of his children had intermarried with the Quaker families in Newberry County.  Son, Mordecai, married Catherine Reagan (daughter of Reason and Mary Reagan of Newberry).  Daughter Abigail married Rhoden Ham (born in SC).  Daughter, Mary, married Jacob Elmore.  Son Samuel married Rebecca Spray in Warren County, Ohio in 1812.  Rebecca was dis for mow.  Daughter, Sarah, married Benjamin Spray in Warren County, OHio in 1814.  Daughter, Naomi, married Mordecai Spray.

Mordecai Spray, Rebecca Spray and Benjamin Spray were siblings with father James Spray and a Hollingsworth mother....other people have suggested that her name was Naomi Hollingsworth before her marriage.

One of the things that I would most like to accomplish during the homecoming event is to get a feeling for with whom George and his family traveled from South Carolina to Ohio....the route that they took....It is particularly interesting to me that after George moved his family which included his wife's widowed aunt, Abigail Thomas, he left them and traveled back down to South Carolina and to Wrightsboro, Georgia to marry a cousin of his first wife, Mary Moore Lacy.  He then moved all of her family to Ohio.  It would be interesting to know who moved with this group from the south to Ohio as well.

One of the other mysteries that I would like to work on is if the McKinsey listed in the Wilmington list of those buried in the Miami Cemetery is indeed George....I need to work on if the dates match and if it could have been anyone else.  So I need to look at the probate dates and relook at the burial list.

Here is what I know.....I do not know the date of George's death, but I have probate information that is dated March 1, 1841.

I found the burial list for Miami Cemetery on the Wilmington College website.

There is a nice photo of the cemetery on:


Three extant Hicksite burial lists are held by the S. Arthur Watson Library at Wilmington College. Thanks to Patti Kinsinger, Head of the Reference Department at the library, the "Chandler-Brown" list found in Elizabeth Moore's estate has been scanned and made available on line as a pdf document at http://www2.wilmington.edu/academics/QuakerOnlineResourcesfromWatson.cfm

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