Sunday, July 28, 2013

Miles family from Penn to Newberry County, Sc to Miami County Ohio

It is an incredibly beautiful day in my town today and I have treated myself to sitting on the porch all afternoon.  The sun is almost to my feet as my porch faces west.  I am reading some of the genealogy and knitting magazines that have piled up in the last few very busy months.

Because of the wonderful Ohio Genealogical Society's Conference in Cincinnatti in April, I joined and now receive the Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly.  The issue that I am reading is Volume 53, 2013, Issue 1.

The very first article in the Quarterly is by Eugene Cole Zubinsky, FASG.  It is entitled The Miles Family of Lancaster County, PA; Newberry Co. SC and Miami County, OH: Part 1 (With Extensive Coverage of the Film-Pioneer Miles Brothers)

This month's article is mostly about the ancestry of the Miles family in Pennsylvania and Newberry County, SC with brief mention at the end of the move to Ohio by David and William Miles and families.

I will put this Quarterly in my pile of books and information to take with me to the Homecoming in September if anyone is interested in taking a look at the article for oneself.

In the same Quarterly is a chart showing the books about Ohio that have been digitalized and are available on-line and whether they are available via Family Search, Google Books, HathiTrust Digital Libary or Internet Archive.  This article begins on page 24.

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