Friday, August 9, 2013

Ghost Story at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio

If you are only interested in genealogy and historical research in Southwest Ohio, skip this post.  It is silly and personal and really probably only of interest to me.  More than six years ago my husband was taking a fall trip to the Homestead with his buddies.  I ALWAYS treated myself to a research trip when Jack took a golf trip.  I would go somewhere that was fun, but where I expected to spend many hours in a library and/or archives.  Jack was a wonderful companion if we were doing cemeteries or homesteads, but he was VERY bored when I did libraries and archives.  I had a lot of research to do on my McKinsey family in southwest Ohio and chose that as my trip because it was relatively close and easy.  I knew about the Golden Lamb in Lebanon and chose that a my lodging and food provider to make the trip even more fun for me.

When I checked in, the lady at the desk told me to wander around and choose a room.....which I did.  Looking back, that set the stage in my mind that the place was not full....perhaps no one else was staying there?  Perhaps I was alone for the night?  None of that was really in my head that night.  But looking back, perhaps that could have influenced what happened.....perhaps it was only in my mind?
I chose a lovely room.  Then I went down for dinner.  The dining room was charming and the food good.  Since I was by myself, I picked up all of the reading information and read while waiting for my dinner.  And some of what I read was about the ghost happenings in the building.  None of which I can really remember today.

By the time I went to bed, I was a bit spooked.  I am not the spooky type.  I am certainly not fearless, but I don't worry much.  But I was spooked.  So I left the light on across the room, and climbed into bed.  I slept well.

In the middle of the night, I woke up.  I was sleeping on my stomach.  I was paralyzed.  And someone/something was pulling the covers down VERY SLOWLY!  I would try to look to see who/what it was to the left....then to the right....but I could NOT move anything.....not my head, not my arm, not my body....and the covers continued to be pulled down very slowly.

In the morning I awoke and nothing had changed in the room.  It had been a very benign experience.  But it felt so REAL!  Had it just been a dream?  Had I really been visited by a ghost?  Others have told me that the feeling of being paralyzed is a sure sign of ghost activity....but I have no idea if that is true.  If it had been a dream about a ghost, it would have seemed that I would have dreamed something that was more in my experience....a ghostly figure going by the light?  Don't know....won't ever know.....but I won't ever forget the experience either.

As I was chatting with Dee Dee yesterday while we were firming up the menu, price and contract information for our dinner on Saturday night, I casually mentioned that I had stayed at the Golden Lamb and been visited by a ghost.  She became VERY interested in my story.  By coincidence, a celebrity was staying there last night who was interested in the paranormal.  As we talked more, Dee Dee said that it was almost certainly Dee Dee who had checked me in as that was often her routine to suggest that the guest might choose a room.  After looking at the website, Dee Dee and I became almost positive that the room that I stayed in was the Harriet Beecher Stowe room. And that was before she told me that that is the room that has had the most ghostly encounters connected with it.  Fun stuff, huh?  

I hope everyone will do the ghost tours Thursday and Friday night in Waynesville.  I think that it will be a lot of fun!  I am staying in the Hammel House and it is said to have ghosts.  I expect to be so tired each night that I am unlikely to have a visit this time?  But we will see.

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