Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Milton's Copy of Friends Miami Monthly Meeting

Milton let me borrow his copy of the Friends Miami Monthly Meeting Centennial book Waynesville, Ohio  1803 to 1903.

I made scanned copies of the pages and would be happy to share any of the pages that anyone wants during the homecoming.....

an example is the following page:

The last words on the previous page were:

Anna Kelly, Samuel's sister was married to Abijah O'Neall, about whom we have just heard and he and Samuel purchased from Dr. Jacob Roberts Brown the option on his three-thousand acre military claim said to be situated...

After I sent a message to the Quaker mail list about this booklet,  Mark Dixon sent me the following:

Scans of individual pages in this booklet can also be downloaded from:


The site requires a fee to download the entire booklet in one PDF, but seems 
to allow the downloading of individual pages for free.  

And my note:  yes, there are several blank pages at the beginning of the book....

Mark is a descendant of the Waynesville Evans and Cook families.

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  1. The book may be downloaded for free at the babel.hathitrust.org site.