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Thomas family

I spent many years researching the Thomas family that is found in Newberry County, SC and southwestern, Ohio.  Nehemiah Thomas is buried in the Bush River Cemetery.  Nehemiah died c. 1796.  He left a will in which he names various extended family members as he and his wife, Abigail Moore Thomas had no children of their own.  His will can be found on-line at:

Nehemiah and Abigail Thomas were very close to my McKinsey family.  Abigail was Sarah Moore McKinsey's aunt.  The families lived near each other in Newberry County, SC.  I would guess that the older couple acted as grandparents to the children of Nehemiah and Abigail.  When Abigail died in Warren County, Ohio in 1821, she left everything that she owned to the children of this couple.  Also Sarah and George McKinsey named two of their children after Nehemiah and Abigail.   I descend from son, Nehemiah McKinsey, who was named after Nehemiah Thomas. George and Sarah's  daughter, Abigail,  married Rhoden Ham.

One of our participants at the Warren County Homecoming in September descend from Isaac and Mary Davies Thomas of Newberry County and Southwestern Ohio.  If I ever proved a relationship between Isaac and Nehemiah I do not remember the proof.  But I certainly suspect a relationship between the Thomas men in Newberry County.

For my thoughts on the connections on the Thomas families, take a look at:

Kathie Johnston from Memphis sent me the following information:

I descend from Isaac and Mary Thomas through their daughter Elizabeth Thomas who married William Cox, in the Bush River, SC area. They moved to Ohio about 1806  with several children and several more children were born in Ohio before they moved on into Randolph and Wayne Co, Indiana. Some/many of their children remained Quaker.

Their daughter Phoebe Cox (my gg grandmother) married Joseph Jackson who was not Quaker at the time she married him, but maybe/probably had been Quaker. His family came to Ohio from Stokes Co/Surry Co. North Carolina area, time frame not clear to me yet, but probably about same time as Coxes and Thomases. Phoebe and Joseph moved on across Indiana and then to Iowa, and although they were no longer officially Quaker, many of the families moving to the same locations at those times were families with Quaker names. They ended up close to Oskaloosa, IA, which had many Quaker families and resources. One of the many cousins married into an Iowa branch of the Hoover family (not Quaker at the time of the marriage in the early 1900's).

Phoebe is the one who told my grandmother a few stories about the Thomases, Coxes and Jacksons. My grandmother, 1878 - 1972,  was about 21 when Phoebe died. Surprisingly, there were no stories passed on about Phoebe's siblings. Don't know if that's because I didn't ask the right questions or because my grandmother hadn't asked those questions????

Milton sent me the following when we were chatting about this family:

Isaac C Thomas b. 1730 d. 1802  recorded at Bush River in 1774 would have been living in S.C. all the time, however he would have membership in
New Garden Meeting in N.C. prior to the opening of Bush River meeting. 

Annette and I were chatting in Oct 2013 and she told me of an article that she had read:

The reference was made to Thomas Settlement in a writing about South Fork Friends Meeting by Alice W. Farquhar.  It was also called Center and today it's Phillipsburg.  (Annette's interpretation of this is:
"I know the Thomas family attended South Fork and their land was in Phillipsburg and surrounding area.  So I would assume Thomas Settlement was Phillipsburg"  Location is marked with an A in a balloon on below map.  

The following came from a participant of our homecoming.  She found the quote in the book:  “Centennial Anniversary of West BranchMonthly Meeting of Friends [West Branch Monthly Meeting (Miami Ohio)].”

"Of the Thomases who emigrated, several are not mentioned. They were Abel, Isaac, John, William and Nehemiah. They came with considerable families and formed a settlement for" while called Thomastown.  They were plain, modest, clever and moderately successful farmers, which about comprises their history."

Below is a map showing Cardiff, Wales:

And below is the castle that is found there that would have been a landmark seen by the Early Thomas family:

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