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Ohio Militia in War of 1812

I had a dream Tuesday night that makes me chuckle.  I know what caused me to have the funny dream.  I started making a list of books that I might pack for the homecoming on this blog just before I headed for bed and was struck by the fact that I have SOOOOOOO many things that I want to take with me to share!

I probably don't have to tell any of you about the piles and files that accumulate in the office and home of people who are addicted to historical and genealogical research.  Most of us suffer from the same "disease"......I remember something about that....hmmmm....where is that book?  where is that file?  where did I put that information?  Who e-mailed me that thought about our mutual ancestors?

In my dream I was trying to manage even more books and files and piles.  I lived in a place that even had shelves that looked like those in a library.  But at the end of the dream I walked right to a book that I had wanted to look at and I can remember the pleasure that it gave me that the book was in exactly the right place and that it was filed with other books that were similar.

But the really funny part is that when I picked up the book in the dream, the name of the book was the Ohio Militia in the War of 1812.

I absolutely don't know if I own that book.  I absolutely don't know if the book exists.  I'll do some looking today and add that to the end of this post.  And at first thought it doesn't seem a likely book (if it exists) to share with others who had Quaker ancestors in southwest Ohio in the early 1800's.  We know for sure that the Quaker families would have been trying to sit that war out just as they tried to sit out the Revolutionary War!  Quakers first allegiance was to God.  They did not feel that kind of allegiance to a government that was just made up of men.  They were also pacifists.

Photo from Kentucky National Guard History eMuseum at

However, the war would have affected them!  It would have been what everyone in the neighborhood was talking about!  It would have been a part of their lives.  It is important to put that kind of historical prospective into our research.  Just as during the Vietnam War in our lifetime had people who participated....people who supported it....people who were busy with their own lives and not that interested.....people who opposed the war.....people who actively protested the war.  Everyone was affected in some way no matter where they stood.  Everyone had friends or neighbors who fought or died or protested or whatever.  You couldn't live in the neighborhood and stay isolated from what was going on.

Anyway, I am convinced that my 4-gr-grandfather, Nehemiah McKinsey, sent me that message.  He reminded me that we need to include the war of 1812 in our study of ancestors living in Southwest Ohio in the years just after they had all moved there.  Nehemiah did indeed participate in the war of 1812.  He received bounty land for his service.  And he moved after the war with his father-in-law, Abraham Elliott, and wife, Catherine Elliott, and all but one of Catherine's siblings to  Vigo County, Indiana to reside on the bounty land.  So remember that if you have ancestors who move to Indiana just after the war of 1812, you might look for service in the war of 1812.

Roll Of Lieut. Francis Cunningham's Company

The following data is extracted from Roster Of Ohio Soldiers In The War Of 1812.
(County Unknown)

Served from July 5. until July 23 1814.

Lieut. Francis Cunningham
Ensign, Titus Everhart
Sergt. Martin Robinson
Sergt. Thomas Biggs
Sergt. Abner Hibber
Corp. James Buckles
Corp. Samuel Pearson
Corp. Thomas Baning
Drummer, Howell, Campbell
Fifer, Daniel Crane


Brewer, Charles
Buckles, William
Caman, Joshua
Case, John
Cochran, Robert
Day, Peter
Ensby, Christopher
Freed, John
Goode, Burwell
Gullifer, Stephen
Jones, Joshua
Lucas, Francis
McKewn, John
McKinsey, Nehemiah
Moore, Hugh
Pierson, Barton
Reagan, Wright
Waldorf, Isaac
Whickear, Asa
Whickear, Luke
Williams, William
Wilson, David
Wilson, Gabriel
Wilson, George
Wilson, Isaiah
Wright, Stephen
Source: Roster Of Ohio Soldiers In The War Of 1812

Here are some links for research on the War of 1812 in Ohio:

Susan Webber asked me yesterday if I had found the book.  It is not in my library.  I do not own it.  But from my notes on the above information I have looked at a book called:  Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812.  Two things are interesting.  One is that the author of the book did not know what county this company came from.  I would bet my two bucks that it was Warren County from looking at the names of the soldiers.  Second is where was I when I looked at this book?  Very likely I was in the Marshall University Special Collections library as it is available there.  Anyone attending the Warren County, Ohio homecoming could look at this book in the Southern State Community College library in Wilmington, Ohio.  I need to remember that Fold3 also has some war of 1812 records on-line.  Just found the book that I had looked at on-line at:

The internet is amazing, huh?

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