Thursday, September 12, 2013

Benson, Quinn, Clark, and Kelly

Benson, Quinn, Clark and Kelly from Brenda Brazell


Brenda, descendant of James Benson and Martha Quinn, James Benson and Elizabeth Clark, Thomas Benson and Mary Kelly.

Brenda Brazell

Brenda Brazell has shared information about her Benson family:

She descends from James Benson and Martha Quinn through the following:

James Emery Benson and Rosina Henrietta Barnes
James Henry Benson and Rosetta Jane Charles
Samuel Benson and Fidella Church
Thomas Benson and Mary Kelly
James Benson and Elizabeth Clark
James Benson and Martha Quinn

The two elder James and Thomas and spouses were known Quakers.  
James and Martha came from County Tyrone, Ireland, to Charlestown, SC, Union, SC, then to Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

This is a beautiful writeup of James Benson and family.  The man who has written it is only doing his direct line, but has through Samuel Benson on it of my part.  When I first found it, I contacted him and gave him Samuel's information to add to it.  He had Samuel but not the spouse, etc.  

The author of the above site has researched and documented all the Quaker records for the Benson's.  You can contact him from his site if you want.  I am sure he would be glad to have it with the Ohio records.

I know I also have Pucketts in NC that were Quakers also.


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