Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photos from our homecoming 2013

I will be editing and adding to this blog for the rest of the year as others send me information or maps or photos to add to the blog.....or as I have more information about my own family.   Most of the below photos were taken by Sharon Hastings.   I would be happy to add any others that anyone wants to share.  Also, I would like to add names of your ancestors .....but you will have to help me.  I never did seem to get everyone's ancestors straight in my heads.  I do believe that many of us are probably cousins many times over as our research goes back in the past farther and farther.  It was a wonderful weekend.   I won't soon forget anything that we did

Cook cousins in photo above

The next photos are taken at Caesars Creek Pioneer Village which we visited on Friday Morning

The next two photos are of our Hollingsworth group in front of the cabin that was donated by the Hollingsworth family.  Will one of you please tell me more about the cabin?

The below photo is Phil Hawkins who is a direct descendent of Amos and Ann Milhous Hawkins who lived in this cabin.  The cabin was located in an area that has now been flooded by building of a dam on Caesars Creek.

Below photo of three of our participants who had ancestors who attended Caesar's Creek Friends Meeting:  Milton Cook, Ron Fleming, Phil Hawkins

Below photo is of Bonnie Bell and John Wolfinger.  John was not at the Homecoming, but Bonnie was and she sent photo about the same time that she sent the wonderful scans that John had made of the Pearson/Russell/Jenkins original documents that are on this blog with date of Nov 24, 2014.

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