Saturday, September 21, 2013

Miami Meeting House Cemetery: Elizabeth Townsend Cook and George McKinsey

My big goal for the weekend was accomplished at lunch on Saturday.  I had looked at the list of people who were buried in the Hicksite part of the cemetery on-line at the Wilmington College Library:

I had some doubts that the McKinney entry of a person  buried in the third row and entered in 9/41 was my George.  However, when I asked Milton to take me out there to help me look.  He said that the McKinney person that I was looking at was buried almost just beside his Elizabeth Townsend Cook!

And when I went outside to look at the sign, someone else had decided before me that it was indeed MY George McKinsey who was buried in the cemetery.

We used the sign's lists showing each of the persons buried in each row to establish that George and Elizabeth would have been buried two rows from John Satterwaite who is listed to be number 39 in the first row who has a large marker:

So guessing that #35 in third row would be somewhat near #39 in row 1 we judge George and Elizabeth to have been buried fairly close to the area in which Milton Cook, Mary Kay Ross, and Sue Downey are standing in this photo....probably in the area just behind them.  Milton explained that the graves started with small numbers at the side of the cemetery farthest from the road.  To take this photo I was standing slightly to the non-road side of John Satterthwaite's marker.

Milton, Mary Kay and Sue all descend  from this Elizabeth Townsend Cook.  Am I right on this fact, Milton, Mary Kay and Sue?

Milton explained to me that the cemetery is divided by the large white sign.  The graves that are closest to the red brick meeting house would be graves that are from the time period before the split between the Hicksite and Orthodox members in 1828.  The next area that has fewer stones would be the area that belongs to the Orthodox members.  And the area beyond the big sign is the Hicksite burial area.

The sign that divides that two sides show from the side closest to the Red Brick Meeting House is shown below.  Note that it is the Orthodox Monthly Meeting that was laid down in 1920.  After it was laid down the building was sold to the Hicksite Monthly meeting and they now use that building as a social room.

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