Friday, September 13, 2013

Pugh, Beals, Claytons, Bowaters, Roberts, Chambers, Wright, Wells

This morning I am adding information from Vivian Markley:

Hello all, I may not be able to be there in body but I will be there in spirit for sure.  Like many of you, my Bush River Quakers came to the Miami Valley of Ohio with the exodus.  I also have many Fringe Quakers who had roots in the church.  Azariah Pugh and Hannah Beals are my grandparents who were the last generation to raise their children in the Church.  Their ancestors included the Claytons, Bowaters, Roberts, Chambers and Evans. 
I just put a database online as I have done the Autosomal DNA testing and the Newberry families that you might find in there are  Brooks, Cook, Coppock, Davenport, Evans, a few Gaunts, Hollingsworth, some Jays and Jenkins, Kelly, O’Neil, Pearson and Wright with a few other spouses. 
John Wright who married Rachel Wells is also my direct line through Rachel and most of their family migrated to Bush River.
If you find anyone of interest, feel free to contact me as I did not put my “notes” online.  An overwhelming amount of information that I have has come from a lot of other researchers and a large basket full are contributors on the list that have helped me off list as well.
My Fringe Quakers include the Stewarts, McClure and Juliens.
Link to my database, it is indexed.  Have fun and don’t get too confused.  Open to any correction or additions as well.
Still hoping I might at least get in a visit at the Homecoming.
Treasure is best found under the rock that no one else had turned over.
Vivian Wenrick Markley
Springfield, Ohio

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