Friday, September 20, 2013

Caesar Creek Pioneer Village

Our morning tour began Friday morning with a stop at the Caesar Creek Pioneer Village.  The Caesar Creek Meeting house was moved in its entirety from the location that we looked at on Thursday to the park.  The lady speaking to us said that there was only a very minor damage that shows itself as a crack in the floor in one place.

We took photos in front of the Meeting house of the descendents of families who attended Caesar Creek Meeting.   I will add those photos to this site when I get them.

Below is a photo of Milton Cook who is a Furnas descendent in front of a cabin that was built and lived in by Furnas ancestors:

The below photo is of the Hollingsworth Group in front of a cabin that was donated by a Hollingsworth family:

Phil Hawkins spoke to us about his Hawkins family and about the cabin that Amos Hawkins had built for his family when they moved from Union County, SC to Ohio that has also been moved to Caesar Creek Pioneer Village.

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