Saturday, September 21, 2013

North Carolina Quakers who moved to southwestern Ohio in the late 1700's and early 1800's

Kathie Johnston (who is planning to attend our homecoming event and researches Cox and Thomas) sent me a URL for a very recent thesis that can be read on-line.  The thesis was written by Ashley Ellen Humphries and has title:  The Migration of Westfield Quakers from Surrey County, North Carolina 1786-1828.

Submitted to the Graduate School
at Appalachian State University
in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

May 2013  Department of History

You can read this thesis by going to following URL:,%20Ashley_2013_Thesis.pdf

I have not yet read this information.

Here is what Kathie said about the thesis:

I found a neat thing yesterday while searching for more Thomas-Cox info and thought it could maybe be mentioned on the blog. A thesis written in May 2013 by a brand new master's degree grad from Appalachian State, on the reasons for Quaker Migration from three monthly meetings in Western N.C. to Southwest Ohio (Miami MM and others in Ohio and Whitewater MM in Indiana-Ohio). The whole thesis is online and some folks might be interested in reading it. Deals with disownments especially related to MOU, slavery (a pretty insignificant reason for these folks in western NC), and crowding of land. The young lady is a descendant of Jessops and might be a cousin of mine, because she also talks about Jacksons (one of my lines from that part of NC).  It has some maps, quotes from actual meeting minutes, info about land records, wonderful source documents in the bibliography, etc. .....

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