Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dinner at the Red Brick Meeting House

Dinner was wonderful tonight!  I told everyone that I talked to that I worried that Milton ended up with dinner to prepare in addition to everything else that he did for the event today.  But his dinner was wonderful, and it was sooooooo much more fun to be at the Red Brick Meeting House tonight where we had our books and "STUFF" and could talk and share information all evening that it would have been to have traipsed to some restaurant....and the food wouldn't have been as good!

Burgers from Milton's grass fed Cows.  Organic Tomaotes from Milton's garden that were delicious!

Even the hamburger buns were specially made of organic ingredients by a local.

Fingerling potatoes that Milton had grown on his farm and scalloped himself.  YUMMMMMY!

Local Organic Greens.....probably the only thing that Milton didn't do himself....actually purchased

And, oh, my gosh, the dessert was so wonderful that I had to discipline myself to not go up and get just one more!  Milton, correct was a winter squash used to make something that tasted very much like gingerbread with REAL whipping cream on top!  WOW!

But the nicest part of dinner was that we didn't have to go out!  We could stay at the Red Brick Meeting house and share and talk and be together.  It was absolutely perfect!  Thanks Milton!

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