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Thomas, Pemberton, Hall, Cox

Hi.  I'm Annette Stewart, from Arcanum, OH.  I live about 7 miles or so from the last site where my line the Thomas family lived which is Phillipsburg, OH.  My husband and I farm quite a few acres so if soybean farming has started I'm sorry but I won't be able to attend the Homecoming which sounds fabulous.  I wish I could!  However, my greetings to all of you for an enjoyable visit and time of research.

Annette's e-mail address is:

I've enclosed some information on my family line to hopefully help others.  My names are:  Thomas, Pemberton, Hall, Cox.

Mine is Isaac Thomas & Mary Davy or Davis
John Thomas & Anna Pemberton ; Anna's parents Isaiah Pemberton and Elizabeth Hall
Isaiah Thomas and Elizabeth Cox ;  Parents David Cox and Jane Davy Owens
(Martha Thomas and Alfred Taylor(Bethel Cemetery)
William Taylor and Vinnie Huddle(Bethel Cemetery)
Albertha Taylor and Walter Sease(Mote Cemetery)
Dale Sease and Betty Brumbaugh (my parents)
and me Annette Sease Stewart

My goal is to find if any of these names actually stopped at Waynesville or Wilmington on the way up to Phillipsburg, OH.

If anyone is coming through Dayton, OH on Sept. 22 (Sunday) your welcome to stop by the house.  E-mail me personally.  Live about 30 minutes from Dayton, OH.

Thank you
Annette Stewart

Annette added some information about her husband's Stewart line as well:

The Stewart's lived near Wilmington.   John Stewart, 1793 was married to Experience Mart (Penia) and they are buried at Westboro Friends Cemetery.  Came from New Jersey but I don't know if came through SC.  Son William then moved to Liberty Township in IN.  

Photo below are stones in South Fork Cemetery in Phillipsburg, OH

Below is information that Annette has sent me about her Thomas family:

This is a work in progress, as all of genealogy and family history is..... We visited Bushriver Meeting place and Cemetery in Newberry County, SC in (December 2012). 

Isaac Thomas, Sr, born 1738 starts this family.  Isaac and his family lived in Bushriver, Newberry County, SC.  We saw his land  (see records under sources at end of article)  He was married to Mary Davy or Davis born 1740.  According to his will in SC we are assuming he died and is buried there but we didn’t see a cemetery record at Bushriver for him.  He died in 1802.  His wife came to Ohio in 1808  with family and is buried in South Fork Cemetery in Phillipsburg, OH.  Some of the stones are still there but the meeting house is gone.  This was called Old Friends Church Yard by Clay Twp. Historical Society or Southfork.  They had 12 children and lines continue through third born son, John.

John was born 14 May 1766 and was married to Anna Pemberton on 1 June 1786.  She was born 15 February 1764.  Anna is the daughter of Isaiah Pemberton and Elizabeth Hall.  Both were born in SC and buried at Southfork Cemetery in Phillipsburg, OH.  John died 10 March 1847 and Anna 22 July 1840.  There was a 1937 reading of the stones at Southfork.  Need to confirm dates on John and Anna for DOB’s:  Another source list John DOB as June 5, 1765 and Anna’s as March 15 1764**They had 7 children and line continues through Isaiah.  We also have info on the land location in SC for the Pemberton’s.  Land in Montgomery Co, OH:  1816 patent for the entire NW ¼ section of section 11 and 1817 patent for the SW ¼ of section 11 which places this on the south side of the Phillipsburg intersection.  In 1829 patent for the adjoining NW ½ of the NW ¼ of section 10.  Per Gale Honeyman.

Isaiah was born 31 July 1791 and was married to Elizabeth Cox.  She was born 2 October 1796 and they were married 29 September 1813.  Elizabeth was the daughter of David Cox and Jane Davy Owens.  David Cox’s parents are:  John and Jemima.    They had 9 children.   Isaiah died 8 May 1862 and buried at either West Branch Cemetery on Frederick-Garland Road or SouthFork.  Quaker records indicate West Branch but check South Fork stone reading 1937??  Elizabeth buried South Fork and was last burial there for 6 June 1877. I would be inclined to think of South Fork Cemetery for Isaiah.   Lines continues through Daughter, Martha, the seventh born.  Have a photo of this couple.  Per Montgomery Co, OH land records Isaiah held a 1831 patent for N ½ of the SW ¼ of section 3 in Clay Township, Montgomery Co, OH.  (About 7 miles NW of where I live)  This is near Phillipsburg, OH which is where SouthFork was located.  David Cox held an 1831 patent to the adjoining S ½ and also adjoining to the south of the tract (Arlington Road divides this).  This includes the N part of the NW ¼ and the N ½ of the SW ¼ of Section 4.  Notes from Gale Honeyman.

Martha Thomas was born 9 June 1832 and married Alfred Taylor.  Their history is covered in the Taylor History.  They are buried at Bethel Cemetery, Montgomery County, OH.  They lived on Pansing Road, east of Phillipsburg, OH.  We have pictures and family Bible records of the family. 
Sources:  Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by William Wade Hinshaw.
Early Land Grants and Landowners Along Bush River and Beaver Dam Branch in Newberry County, SC by Blackmon available at Newberry County Library.

Notes from Harriet Imrey on Bushriver Rootsweb List:   Hall Family
Newberry Co Deed Book C, 109-112:  Lease and release.  13 & 14 Nov 
1773,, Richard Dowd of Berkley County, SC, to Isaiah Pemberton, planter, 
of same, for £150 SC money, 150 acres granted to said Richard Dowd 3 Nov 
1771 in the fork between Broad and Saluda Rivers on a small branch of 
Bush River called Williams Beaverdam branch, adj. land granted to Joseph 
Evans, Samuel Cumpton [Compton], Providence Williams, recorded in Book 
FFF, page 405.  Richard Dowd (mark) (Seal), Wit: John Hookey, Joseph 
Evans, Thos Wadlington Junr.  Proved in Ninety Six District by the oath 
of John Hookey 
16 Nov 1773 before Jonathan Downs, J.P.  Recorded 16 Feb 

These two adjoining tracts were north and west of the meetinghouse, but 
not all that far from it.  Williams Beaverdam Branch of the Bush River 
arises a bit south of the town of Jalapa (west of Newberry). If you 
drive south from Jalapa (only one road to choose from), you'll cross 
what is now Big Beaver Dam Creek after 4-5 miles, after which there's an 
intersection with Bush River Road.  If you go left (east) on that one, 
it will take you back towards Newberry.  The plats don't say exactly 
where Pemberton lived along Beaverdam Creek, but you'd be real close to 
his place if you crossed the creek on the road from Jalapa.
This is one of the tracts near the meetinghouse that Isaiah Pemberton 
bought in 1773:

Newberry SC Deed Book C, 113-116: Lease and release.  13 & 
14 Nov 1773, 
Joseph Evans of Berkley County to Isaiah Pemberton of same, for £100 SC 
money, 100 acres granted to Joseph Evans 
28 Aug 1767 in the form between 
Broad and Saluda Rivers on a small branch of Bush River called Beaverdam 
branch, recorded in Book BBB, page 271.  Richard Dowd (mark) (Seal).  
[Note: the recording clerk made an error here, because the seller should 
have signed as Joseph Evans.  The Dowd/Doud purchase was at the same 
time, so the clerk just entered the same seller-name twice.]  Wit: John 
Hookey, Richard Dowd (mark), Thos Wadlington Junr.  Proved in Ninety Six 
District by the oath of John Hooey 
16 Nov 1773 before Jonathan Downs, 
J.P. Recorded 
16 Feb 1795.

S213184: Colonial Plat Books (Copy Series)


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To get to the original Isaac Thomas land grant from Newberry, take U.S. 
76 southeast to the town of Prosperity, then turn right (southwest) on 
SSR 244 (also known as Counts Sausage Road).  Drive ~2 miles to the 
firsts crossroads at SSR 315 (also known as Firetower Road) and stop 
there.  The Isaac Thomas grant is the 150 acres west and south of that 
corner.  A small amount of land along SSR 315 to the west of the 
intersection belonged to Thomas's neighbor Peter Hawkins (married to 
Prudence Thomas, Isaac's sister).  Drive 1/2 mile past the intersection 
on SSR 244, and you'll get to the southeastern corner of Isaac Thomas's 
square tract.  You can take the "scenic route" back to Newberry by 
taking SSR 315 west until it converges with SSR 42 (St. Luke's Church 
Road) and meets SC 395, where you take a right (north) back to 
Newberry.  Just after the road changes from SSR 315 (Firetower Road) to 
SSR 42 (St. Luke's Church Road), look for a historical marker for the 
old Dunker Cemetery, which will be on your left (south).  It's also 
called the Chapman-Summers Cemetery, and includes the legible gravestone 
of Timothy Thomas (1747-1823), brother of Isaac, Abel, Prudence (married 
Peter Hawkins) and Elizabeth (married John Rankin) Thomas.

Annette Stewart
February 3, 2013
Updated 9/11/2013

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