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Stewart, Clark, Campbell

Ron Fleming joined our group Friday morning for the rest of the weekend.  His family that lived here in Warren County had a farm in Oregonia that is now preserved by the soaring club.  There are photos of the land available on website of Caesar Creek Soaring club.

 Ron's Stewart family was from Cane Creek in North Carolina.  Robert Stewart married Ann Hornaday at Cane Creek Meeting.     Mary Campbell Clark who was married to John Clark, son of Henry and Elizabeth Underhill Clark (this couple was married at Nottingham in Pennsylvania in 1741) was a widow at her husband's death in 1796.  John is buried at Padgett's Creek in South Carolina.  Mary Campbell Clark  came to Warren County Ohio  with children:  Mary, Johnathan, Rebecca.  She and her three children were accepted into Miami Meeting in 1805,6, 13.  rocf Cane Creek MM, SC dtd 1805, 2, 16.  On October 1, 1807 Rebecca Clark married Alexander Stewart.  The marriage was performed by John Buckles, a preacher, and that resulted in Rebecca being dis mou.

The below photo is the Henry Clark Farm in York Pennsylvania where Henry and Elizabeth Clark moved on their way to Padgett's Creek in South Carolina.  Both are buried in the Padgett's Creek Cemetery.  Their son and daughter, John and Hester, married Mary Campbell and John Campbell who were also siblings.  John and Hester Campbell are buried in the family graveyard in Mt. Holly just north of Waynesville.

Ron explains that the book mentioned below is about the migration of  30 families led by John Campbell from Padgett's Creek to Mt Holly Ohio. 

His book suggestion is a  book published by Sarah  
E Temple in 1939:

"OUR CAMPBELL ANCESTORS 1742 - 1937" being the
Traditions and History of the family of the five Campbell brothers  
and sisters:
Including what is known of them in New Jersey; York County,  
Pennsylvania; Union County, South Carolina and in Ohio.
A GENEALOGY of the known descendants of
JOHN CAMPBELL, through his son James, and
SAMUEL CAMPBELL, through his son Ralph,
also brief ancestral notes on families connected by marriage with the  
foregoing; viz; Parnell, Clark, Spray, Wilson, Haskett, Mendenhall  
and Underhill".

What makes the book fascinating for me is the double Quaker braid of  
20 families who were all related as double cousins, and who made the  
canonical Quaker journey from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas and then  
to Ohio. The story begins with the famous wedding of Henry Clark and  
Elizabeth Underhill on "5th day 9th month 1741 at Public Meeting of  
Friends in East Nottingham". The Clark family moved to York, where  
they had two children (who lived into adulthood) John and Hester.  
They took in an orphaned boy named John Campbell, who would marry  
their daughter Hester. And John's sister Mary Campbell married John  
Clark. These two couples had 20 children between them (9 & 11), all  
of whom were either Clark Campbells or Campbell Clarks. Many of them  
moved to the Miami MM in Waynesville, and the Campbells have a very  
nice monument at the Mt Holly cemetery. The youngest Clark girl  
Rebecca, who was from Padgett's Creek,  came to Ohio with her mother  
Mary Campbell Clark in 1804, and she married Alexander Stewart who  
had come to Oregonia Ohio with his family from Cane Creek NC. My  
father's mother, who lived on the Stewart family farm in Paola  
Kansas, was Effie Mae Stewart Fleming. Rebecca and Alexander Stewart  
and their families have a very nice monument at the Woodland cemetery  
in Xenia, Ohio.

But Sarah Temple tells the story much better than I do, and her book  
is available to download or to buy, and it is also on the  
GenealogyCDs disk called "Genealogy and History of the Family  
Campbell". The original publisher was Ivan Deach, Jr. of Burbank,  

- Ron Fleming
  Ann Arbor

and Ron adds an interesting story about the famiy's actual migration:

On page 34, she writes:

"When John Campbell and his family moved from South Carolina to Ohio,  
some thirty families migrated together and they were three months on  
the way. Hester Martindale Belew (granddaughter of John through his  
third child Elizabeth) claimed that they reached Cincinnati on her  
third birthday, May 7, 1803. Esther Clark Campbell, wife of John, was  
granted a certificate of membership from the Cane Creek SC Monthly  
Meeting on April 23, 1803, for presentation to the M.M. at Westland,  
Pa., but it was never presented there. ...

In the family of Mrs. John Clark Collett, Dayton, Ohio, is an  
heirloom of this migration. A cowbell, which they used on their cow,  
to keep from losing her when she was turned loose to pasture at night.

Northeastern Warren County, with Waynesville a little to the south,  
was the district in which John Campbell settled, surrounded by Quaker  
families bearing the names: Wilson, Spray, Furnas, Cook, Cox,  
Compton, Jay, Spear and others. The Sprays had been in district  
Ninety-six. SC with John Campbell, (1790 Census) as had the McKinley  
and Waldrip families ..."

Mrs Temple was writing before 1939, but the Collett family is a very  
prominent one in the SE Ohio area. The original Campbell property is  
now the village of Mt Holly Ohio. There are pictures online (thanks  
to Stephen Ridge) of the Campbell monuments in the Old Bethel  
Cemetery in My Holly.

Ron is also related to the Benson family  that is talked about in my blog post dated Thursday, Sept 12, 2013 when I added information from Brenda Brazell.  Here is Ron's addition to Brenda's information:

William Benson, The son of James Benson and Elizabeth Clark, was born 13 August 1784 in the Ninety-six District of South Carolina. He was later married in Warren County, Ohio on 14 January 1808 to Mary Stewart who was a native of North Carolina and was caluclated to have been born there is 1790.  She was the daughter of Robert Stewart and Ann Hornaday, and the brother of Alexander Stewart.  


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