Thursday, September 19, 2013


Milton Cook, Marilyn Lang, and Ruth Varner are descended from Furnas.  I think that the Furnas line is on Milton's mother's line.  We took photos of the Furnas tombstones at the Caesar Creek Cemetery with the three cousins on Friday:

When the group reconvened at the Red Brick Meeting, the three cousins posed with photos of their ancestors, Robert and Hannah Wilson

Robert and Hannah Wilson Furnas and family came to Ohio 4, 23, 1803 
 from Cane Creek, SC Monthly Meeting.  

Milton's Cook family also came from Cane Creek 12, 19, 1803.  Amos and Elizabeth Townsend Cook and family

This information is from The Quakers; Their Migration to the Upper Ohio, etc.  p. 55
Hannah Furnas' parents were John and Dinah Cook Wilson.  

Descendents of Robert and Hannah Wilson Furnas and Amos and Elizabeth Townsend Cook married 17 June 1950  Ernest Cook and Sarah Furnas.  They are Milton Cook's parents.

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